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Our Memebers

Fire Safety



Current Evarts Fire Department Members as follows:

Comm. John Mcgill 

Chief David Mcgill

Asst.Chief Anthony Williams

Capt. Jimmy Joe Ball

FF/David Jennings

FF/ Marvin Jay Lipfird

FF/EMT Melissa Mcgill

FF/ Amanda Shotton

FF/ Josh Shackleford

FF/ Cledo Powers

FF/ Mike Steines

FF/ Dale Fulkerson

FF/ Jermey Daniels

FF/ Jesse Sea

FF/ Curt Blevins

FF/ Summer Lively

FF/ Michael Reddington

FF/ Rodney Thacker Jr.

FF/ April Williams


Wanna Become A Member...
Evarts Fire Department has a meeting every tuesday night at 7:00pm except on the third tuesday of every month. Anyone who wants to join or meet the department is more then welcome to stop by on these nights. They may also contact Chief David McGill at 606-837-0467.

These guys work hard to serve you. Keep them in your prayers and sometimes stop them just to say thanks !

When the last fire is quenched and the Devil is dead, what will become of our Firefighters? No, that's just an idle fantasy. We'll always have our Firefighters, because fire is an old God who is with us forever, we'll honor the Bravest and treasure them right there in the firehouses we've come to revere. As the Fire engine wails by, you hold your small child up and wave and the Firefighters wave back. "They wave back!" --(Frank McCourt)


"--Your Worst Night Mare, Is Just Another Day For The Firefighters  Of America--"