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A Little About Us
Fire Safety

Our mission as the Evarts City Volunteer Fire Department is to provide the citizens of Evarts along with any outside subscribers a professional and dedicated group of men and women that are willing to step up and help when an emergency arises and to asist any other department that may need our help in another emergeny outside the city.


The Evarts City Volunteer Fire Department provides many differant types of emergency services throughout the city of Evarts and to its subscribers, also the fire department responds to accidents, natural disasters, and requests from other agencies. The fire department takes on new responsibilities all the time as the members get trained in different areas or tasked to take on new ones.

 The Evarts City Fire Department uses different methods and tactics each time they are called upon for a response. New methods and tactics are taught or discovered all the time. The reason for this is each time you are called out it may look the same but what worked the last time may not work this time.

The Evarts CIty Fire Department is changing every day,Jason Sanders ; in the picture shown, shows the gear that our department has bought along with 2 new trucks and new equipment after receiving grants, but the biggest thing on the needs list is motivated men and women to volunteer some of their time to help protect our city and people in the time of need.

The Fire department has meetings every Tuesday to go over new methods, tactics, and to keep their skills at a level to protect and serve the ones in need of assistance.


     Our department was presented with Most Improved Fire Department Medium Division For 2004 from Southeastern Ky FireFighter's Association.

Everything This Department Does, Is To Help Them Be prepared For Whatever They May Face While Helping Our Community. So remember to keep them in your prayers and to say thanks everyonce in a while!!!

When the last fire is quenched and the Devil is dead, what will become of our Firefighters? No, that's just an idle fantasy. We'll always have our Firefighters, because fire is an old God who is with us forever, we'll honor the Bravest and treasure them right there in the firehouses we've come to revere. As the Fire engine wails by, you hold your small child up and wave and the Firefighters wave back. "They wave back!" --(Frank McCourt)


"--Your Worst Night Mare, Is Just Another Day For The Firefighters  Of America--"