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Fire Safety

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The Evarts Fire Department is always seeking new members. We feel that it takes many different types of people with different roles in our community to make a good department. We have members that are police officers, emt's,coal miners,water plant operators and many others.We want to help our community when their in need and it takes all of our different skills,knowledge, and traits to accomplish this.


Becoming a Member

If you would like to join and make a difference, come to our meetings at 7:00pm every Tuesday, (except for the third tuesday of the month) or you can contact CHIEF DAVID MCGILL or ASST Chief Anthony Williams (606) 837-2122.

I know we are a little mixed up right now , But we are in the process of rebuilding and adding to the site. So please bare with us and leave any comments or suggestions, thank you for visiting and please check back....


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REMEMBER !!!  All members are volunteer on the department, they are NOT paid for risking their life during an emergency or anything else!! They do not have to be doing what they are, but they care for their community's safety.





Volunteer FireFighters

Fire Fighting Dot Com

American FireFighter

Ky Fire Wire


Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

Phone: 6068370467

When the last fire is quenched and the Devil is dead, what will become of our Firefighters? No, that's just an idle fantasy. We'll always have our Firefighters, because fire is an old God who is with us forever, we'll honor the Bravest and treasure them right there in the firehouses we've come to revere. As the Fire engine wails by, you hold your small child up and wave and the Firefighters wave back. "They wave back!" --(Frank McCourt)


"--Your Worst Night Mare, Is Just Another Day For The Firefighters  Of America--"